Lost in translation

Next on the podium is a charming British gentleman. We’ve been emailing and chatting and it was time for the all important first phone call. But first I got this email from him: ” Before I call you, I wanted to be open about something.  When I was married, my ex asked if I would […]

Save me

There should be some basic info included in online profiles. Beyond a person’s job, age and hobbies. Things like how old their pictures are. Whether they have a strong political or religious affiliation. Whether they aren’t so much interested in dating you as they are interested in saving you. Not from falling. The other kind […]


What can I say…What can I say about a guy. A guy who works hard. A guy who’s had a rough time of it lately. A guy who fought with his sister last week about the Pittsburgh Steelers… A guy who slammed his hand in his trunk and didn’t know he’d broken three bones until […]

Where are you?

Putting the humor aside to bring you a public service announcement… In the past week I’ve encountered two scum bags — I mean men — on POF who claimed to be in Cleveland, but after messaging and talking with them for a few days, I found they actually live out of state. These jerks actually […]

Jello Dating

Trying to make a date with a man can be like trying to nail jello to a tree. Him: Would you like to go out this weekend? Me: I’d like that. When did you have in mind? Him: Idk when are you free? Me: (Not wanting to say all damn weekend and let on to […]


Sometimes it feels like I’ve gone out with every man in northeast Ohio. And I still haven’t found one worth hanging on to. Wait, maybe I HAVE gone out with every one. Something seemed odd. Kind of familiar. My date looked a little like Drew  Carey. Maybe that was it. It was rather unsettling. And […]


Once in awhile it seems I annoy, perhaps enrage, my fellow online fishers. I told a guy I didn’t care for facial hair and this is what I got return: “That is funny coming from a butterface. Yeah, you are better off with the geeks in their Prius’ that make $9.00 an hour. Let me […]

Trust your gut

More often than not, I leave a date saying “what was I thinking?” (See all post prior this one.) After all, I have time to peruse a prospective date’s profile as much as I want, view pictures over again. Review his list of likes and interests. Not withstanding the ones who lie or post outdated […]

It’s almost shocking

My date walks into the bar. Had a little bit of a limp. Sits down and I notice a slight tremor. So slight that I wonder if I’ve just had too much to drink. We talk. He’s definitely shaking. We talk about his work selling alarm systems. I ask how he got into that. He […]

The death of a date

In the hour it took to munch through a Sampler Platter at Applebees, he told me about his father’s death, his mother’s death, his wife’s parents deaths, the deaths of both sets of grandparents (that would be four people’s deaths), and the death of his dog. In detail. Lots of detail. He asked if I […]