Happy Valentine’s Day

Ugh. The day we single girls dread. Mine was going along mostly unnoticed. Got a couple heart emojis from friends. At 10pm, I’m ready to put this one to bed for another year. But then I get a text from a number I don’t recognize with a flower emoji and a Valentine’s greeting. Here’s a […]

About face

“You’re catalog shopping,” said my sister. “I don’t like having important things show up on my doorstep. I like to go to the store and see them in person before letting them into my house.” I was talking to her about my recent almost-tongue-in-cheek profile update you can read about 3 posts down from this […]

Partisan Dating

I figured out how to get rid of a man. Cancel meeting him for dinner because you’re going to spend the evening contacting your government representatives and planning the next woman’s march.* He wished me luck in all my future endeavors. *In 20 years, I’m hoping this still makes sense. In case it doesn’t, this […]

Yes, that really happened

Catching up on some past date-a-drama. Gotta share this because it was so weird I’m still wondering if it really happened. On a first date with a dating site guy (first problem) who showed up drunk and immediately downed another very large beer (2nd problem) He struck up a conversation with a woman at the […]

A number of warnings

POF detected that I was giving my phone number to a guy so he could text me. This popped up. How caring of them. Them I clicked “Safety Tips” to see what they had to say. Finally!!! Some real insightful advice: And it goes on … You’d think this would be common sense. Not so […]

I’m baaaack

Hi. It’s been awhile. I promised I would no longer work on this blog as long as I was in a real relationship. With two failed relationships and no prospects in sight, I’m back. At this point, I’m just trying to find the funny. I changed my online dating profile. My first two messages: – […]

Just one question

It was a great date. Attractive attentive man. Nice dinner. Good conversation. We talked about our dreams and aspirations. Laughed and joked. And then he asked me what would be his last question… “What kind of panties are you wearing and do you think I would look good in them?” Seriously, I can’t make up […]

Royal Flush

It’s not going to be a good evening when you ask your date what he does for a living, and he responds “I polish turds.” Ok, he’s the manager of a waste water treatment plant, but still… Seriously. This was yet another hideous It’s Just Lunch date. If getting a tutorial on waste treatment in […]