A new kind of research

I have a protocol for checking out potential online dates. Sometimes before the first date. Definitely before a second date. At the bare minimum I check civil court records for divorce and spousal abuse incidents (you don’t want to know how many of the latter I’ve discovered.) I check criminal records. I see if Google […]

You so pretty

These are the most common opening lines I get on every online dating site.  “Hi Gorgeous,” or  “Beautiful smile.” No, I’m not gorgeous. I may have a beautiful smile and I have the dental receipts to prove it, not to mention the yearbook pics that garnered me the nickname “metal mouth” that I hope no one ever finds when I’m famous. But I digress…

A Valentine hack

No, I’m not going to share any tips for how to get your S.O. to declare love and undying affection. I mean I got hacked. My POF account. On Valentine’s Day. A man I had just given my number to alerted me that my pictures had been changed to a much younger woman with more […]