Happy Valentine’s Day

Ugh. The day we single girls dread. Mine was going along mostly unnoticed. Got a couple heart emojis from friends. At 10pm, I’m ready to put this one to bed for another year. But then I get a text from a number I don’t recognize with a flower emoji and a Valentine’s greeting. Here’s a dilemma. Do I text back and hope I’ll have a memory jump start or do I admit ignorance? I did the latter. He tells me his name is Rich, we met online and talked quite awhile ago. Still nothing registers with me. Tells me where he’s from. Still nothing. Then he sends his pic. And… nothing! Granted I’m on 5 different dating sites, but I am very stingy when it comes to giving out my number. I’ve spent the last hour going through all my conversations on every site, but there is no Rich to be found. He asks if he can text me tomorrow. Well sure. Maybe something with come to me by then. I blame cupid.

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