Yes, that really happened

Catching up on some past date-a-drama. Gotta share this because it was so weird I’m still wondering if it really happened. On a first date with a dating site guy (first problem) who showed up drunk and immediately downed another very large beer (2nd problem) He struck up a conversation with a woman at the next table (with her husband). I’m not really sure how the next thing happened, but all of a sudden, the woman lifted up her shirt and flashed us (with no bra.)

This was on the patio of a fairly nice restaurant.

P.S. I fled as fast as I could, with the woman flashing me again over the patio rail as I ran to my car.

W. T. F.

One thought on “Yes, that really happened

  1. Angel Baby, are you serious? But of course you opened with that fact… Something in the city water supply there? Chemtrails from an Air Force Base nearby?!? WTF INDEED! 52 million people voted for Dump. My once nice city of Dayton, Ohio, was subject of an hour-long PBS FRONTLINE episode, since it is Ground Zero for highest rate of meth/opioid overdose fatalities! And I just had an hour long Phone Date from Hell with a 52 year old woman from Agnostics site who has 5 college degrees, one in psychology, and is a raving lunatic that I hung up on and blocked her from everything…I might have to start drinking again!


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