A number of warnings

POF detected that I was giving my phone number to a guy so he could text me. This popped up.

How caring of them.

Them I clicked “Safety Tips” to see what they had to say. Finally!!! Some real insightful advice:

And it goes on …

You’d think this would be common sense. Not so much.

So that’s how to spot a scammer. I thought I should offer some of my own useful tips I’ve learned from experience:

Hot to Spot a D-Bag

  • To make sure you know he’s cool, he tells you he will arrive in a red pick-up. With a gun rack and dually tires.
  • Asks if you’ve run a background check on him yet. Sighs with relief when you say no.
  • Cackles maniacly at the movie. During the slasher scenes.
  • Refuses to consume anything at the restaurant, including water. Because “you know it’s all tainted.” Then welcomes you to order what you would like.
  • Wants to meet during work hours, near where you live, and as far from his house/office as possible.
  • Asks in a hushed voice if you are “working for them.”

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