Partisan Dating

I figured out how to get rid of a man. Cancel meeting him for dinner because you’re going to spend the evening contacting your government representatives and planning the next woman’s march.* He wished me luck in all my future endeavors. *In 20 years, I’m hoping this still makes sense. In case it doesn’t, this […]

Yes, that really happened

Catching up on some past date-a-drama. Gotta share this because it was so weird I’m still wondering if it really happened. On a first date with a dating site guy (first problem) who showed up drunk and immediately downed another very large beer (2nd problem) He struck up a conversation with a woman at the […]

A number of warnings

POF detected that I was giving my phone number to a guy so he could text me. This popped up. How caring of them. Them I clicked “Safety Tips” to see what they had to say. Finally!!! Some real insightful advice: And it goes on … You’d think this would be common sense. Not so […]

I’m baaaack

Hi. It’s been awhile. I promised I would no longer work on this blog as long as I was in a real relationship. With two failed relationships and no prospects in sight, I’m back. At this point, I’m just trying to find the funny. I changed my online dating profile. My first two messages: – […]