Save me

There should be some basic info included in online profiles. Beyond a person’s job, age and hobbies. Things like how old their pictures are. Whether they have a strong political or religious affiliation. Whether they aren’t so much interested in dating you as they are interested in saving you. Not from falling. The other kind of saving. The born again kind. I just spent 90 minutes of my life that I will never get back. When his “I used to be a missionary” was met with my blank stare, that might have been a hint that I wasn’t interested in any evangelism today thank you. And after 10 minutes of excruciatingly being witnessed to, my deadpan statement that I’m an atheist didn’t stop him either. (I’m not but I thought it might shut him up.) I tried to be polite. I tried to change the subject to no avail. I asked him if he was watching the Olympics. He somehow managed to turn that conversation toward politics, telling me what a crook our president is. “Let me guess…You’re a republican,” I said. “I’m a democrat. I voted for Obama,” I said. His response? “Would you like to go out again?”

There was no saving this date.

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