Lost in translation

Next on the podium is a charming British gentleman. We’ve been emailing and chatting and it was time for the all important first phone call. But first I got this email from him: ” Before I call you, I wanted to be open about something.  When I was married, my ex asked if I would […]

Save me

There should be some basic info included in online profiles. Beyond a person’s job, age and hobbies. Things like how old their pictures are. Whether they have a strong political or religious affiliation. Whether they aren’t so much interested in dating you as they are interested in saving you. Not from falling. The other kind […]


What can I say…What can I say about a guy. A guy who works hard. A guy who’s had a rough time of it lately. A guy who fought with his sister last week about the Pittsburgh Steelers… A guy who slammed his hand in his trunk and didn’t know he’d broken three bones until […]