Where are you?

Putting the humor aside to bring you a public service announcement… In the past week I’ve encountered two scum bags — I mean men — on POF who claimed to be in Cleveland, but after messaging and talking with them for a few days, I found they actually live out of state. These jerks actually […]

Jello Dating

Trying to make a date with a man can be like trying to nail jello to a tree. Him: Would you like to go out this weekend? Me: I’d like that. When did you have in mind? Him: Idk when are you free? Me: (Not wanting to say all damn weekend and let on to […]


Sometimes it feels like I’ve gone out with every man in northeast Ohio. And I still haven’t found one worth hanging on to. Wait, maybe I HAVE gone out with every one. Something seemed odd. Kind of familiar. My date looked a little like Drew  Carey. Maybe that was it. It was rather unsettling. And […]


Once in awhile it seems I annoy, perhaps enrage, my fellow online fishers. I told a guy I didn’t care for facial hair and this is what I got return: “That is funny coming from a butterface. Yeah, you are better off with the geeks in their Prius’ that make $9.00 an hour. Let me […]