I’m not sure how I feel about ambivalence

It was an experiment to find out if men were actually reading my profile before messaging me on POF. It certainly didn’t seem like it. My profile says I am looking for someone educated, well-spoken, cultured. But 75% of the men who contact me have GEDs and can’t string a sentence together.

Here’s my experimental profile:

Do men read profiles?
I could just write blah blah blah and it wouldn’t matter because most men would have already decided if they want to meet me based on my looks or age or the city in which I live.
If you’re one of the few who actually do read profiles, and think you might be interested in what I have to say, drop me a line using the word ambivalent somewhere in the message.
Don’t think too hard. It’s not so much of a test as it is an experiment.
Happy fishing.

It wasn’t long, minutes in fact, before the responses started pouring in. These are unedited for your enjoyment.

I was wondering if you would like to join me for an ambivalent dinner. My cell is 000-000-0000

Him: I have read profiles n some stop me in my tracks even if they look good n u look very nice.
Me: But did you really read mine?
Him: yes don`t know what ambivalent is.

I like your ad so I thought I would write. I like the challenge you pose and feel I am up to performing…LOL  Let me say up front I am not an alcoholic, I am very unattached, and I do have a job….. LOL. I am in real estate investing and financing. I also do an internet radio show a couple nights per week and write for my son’s website.. Although I do each of these at home I do work, however some on here tell me if I work at home I really do not work…LOL I also have a drivers license, but I will tell you now I drive a pick up truck, To some that is a turn off. I love the beach, cruises, traveling, talking and movies (Not usually at the same time in the theatre…LOL), dining out and I love to cook. I love laughing, talking and surprise getaways. I love to be spontaneous.
I am family oriented as I have two grown sons. I’ve been divorced several years and am just looking for someone who can talk and be honest enough to tell me when I am nuts…LOL I also am very ambivalent about this site because I feel the same way you do. That some are only interested in pictures and locations.
Would you like to chat? Good luck!

There are men who read. If you might be interested in getting acquianted I’d like to talk with you. I understand trying to meet someone online can be an ambivalent experience.


I’m sure that your very ambivalent about getting on a Motorcycle!


Happen to come across your profile earlier, found your picture and profile charming. 🙂 I sense your ambivalent attitude toward the male gender is causing a rift in the “Force”, may I offer a quick cup of coffee as remedy? I will even buy. 🙂  May the Force be with you

My children were ambivelant about movinf to Florida !

Hi I would like to talk to you and see if we hit it off. If you are interested I would to hear from you soon thanks


Him: Just wanted to say you are beautiful and seem very classy,plus you look like your only 25.really love to talk more and I will explain why no picture.hope to hear from you.
Me: Did you read my profile?
Him: Beautiful,I did read your profile and this is new to me so please bare with me and explain.even though I have a college degree some things need to be explained. SO HELP me with kicking threw it.sorry, hope to hear from you.

Yes ..I read…I,m hoping to find someone to build a life with… and yes I read that I should use the word “ambivalent.” Merry Christmas

hi I will us the word ambivalent but I do not like to type but I do read them I am the one that will tell you a lot about a person you have fun

Yes i did read your profile. I always read profiles but are you going to really tell me that you would meet anyone that wanted to meet you no matter the distance, how old they were or if you find them attractive. So you would meet a 75 year old man from Columbus. You are a lucky woman. Your very attractive ! I am sorry if that offends you..lol….smile Kat ! What is wrong with a man finding you beautiful ? There has to be more and i would like to find out more about you. Would you like to meet for coffee or a drink ? Sorry…ambivalent…does that win me a prize or just add to the experiment stats.

Him: Hi
Me: Did you read my profile
Him: Yes. Did u read mine?

Yes I read profiles and yours seems interesting, I`m Rich from Cortland, retired from Gm

Hi, how are you?

Ambvilent. I read how are you? Jim

Wouldn’t you prefer someone who is positive other than ambivalent?

After reading your profile I was feeling ambivalent about contacting you. As far as blah blah blah is concerned, I far prefer yadda yadda yadda. While I do agree that many (okay, probably most men) don’t read profiles, I don’t think that many women do either. Yes the prevailing factors for most are those you stated. But that is also why most are not successful here. They are too busy searching for what they want instead of also checking to see if what the other person wants is what they have.

You are a cutie, you live near me, but I am ambivalent to your test. It just doesn’t matter to me. I think your sexy!

im actually 49 but it wont let me change it on my profile for some reason, look younger though. im new on here do not have a pic up yet i am 6″1 dark brown hair and eyes and in pretty good shape. italian background and originally from california. thought id give this a try. tired of meeting the wrong people in the bar scene etc. anyways i can send you a pic off my phone if interested. i just dont want all my private info out there right now. my number is 000-000-0000 if interested feel free to text me a number i can send the pic to. if you are not attracted to it. no hard feelings. have a great day jim i live in westlake now. youre beautiful

Him: Hi I am Alan from Lakewood. I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself this evening. I hope that you are having a wonderful evening tonight.
Me: Hi Alan from Lakewood. Did you read my profile?
Him: Yes I did read your profile and have to say that using something to have mixed feelings or opposing feelings is just what life offers us. We choose to do things that we think that are right for us. To me life is about those choices. Knowing before hand that if something is going the wrong way. We can stop and change course. Its not about just one person who’s right or wrong. Its about the choices that we make. So we find ourselves on this site asking ourselves. Why are we on here. Is there someone truly worth our time. Someone that will stand out more than the others. That my dear lady only you can choose.

hello , how are you ? you don’t have much in your profile to read and do I really need to use ambivalent ?lol

Him: hi
Me: Did you read my profile?
Him: Sorry , I did !!!!!!

isn’t everyone interested in what you have to say?

Ambivalent. Thought i would put that out first. How are you?

Dont know what the word ambivalent means so I guess im no good. However you are a good looking girl. I see you have a masters degree, I have a GED. Good luck.

Some of do! Read profiles

Him: hi im rob
Me: Hi. Did you read my profile?
Him: Yes I did

hello iam rick. hope your fishing is going well, mine are all throw backs, hope you have a good weekend ,,,,,,,ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen ambivalen, didn’t thing women didn’t read messages and didn’t want to just put blah blah blah

hi cutie how are you iam bud i think you got a cute face

Hello don’t no what that word means

And my personal favorite…

I work with a girl named Amy Biva, we call her am . The other day I forgot my lunch at home , so am biva lent me ten dollars.

And that was just the first day.

One thought on “I’m not sure how I feel about ambivalence

  1. Oh my!! Some of these responses are quite… original? Lunch and/or ice cream soon? My treat – belated birthday celebration 🙂


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