Before and after

I always write after an online date. This time, since I’m sitting in a bar waiting for the flavor of the day to arrive, I thought I’d share my anticipation. It’s Friday night. It was a long day at work–a long week actually. I did get home to sneak in a quick nap before I got gussied up. This is the point where I start hoping it’s worth it.

The bar is packed. Two couples, but for the most part it’s groups of women and groups of men. The men are talking to each other. The women are looking at the men.  And I’m just watching all of them.

My date just texted to say he’s on his way. So the second hurdle is done. At least I won’t be stood up. The first hurdle is not getting cancelled. Probably half of my dates cancel before we ever meet for the first time. With the shortage of men (seriously), I guess they play the game making multiple dates and then picking the best of the lot at the last minute.  Either that or they’re just flaky. (Raise your hands of you think it’s the flaky thing.)

So tonight’s man…

He’s in “executive management.” We’ll see what that means.

Oh wait…the group of women and group of men sitting closest to me are talking.  Ok, to be fair, the men are talking in the direction of the women. And the women are starting in rapt attention. Oh please. Especially considering the men are wearing an assortment of flannel shirts,  baseball caps and scruffy facial hair. The women look like they’ve just come from Extreme Makeover. (Why do we do this?)

Oh here he comes. I’ll be back in a bit…

…Wow. Within 15 minutes he told me that he had recently lost all his money in an investment scam and is currently “working his way back.” T. M. I.

At what point do you decide the lowest point in your life is the best time to start dating?


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