Trust your gut

More often than not, I leave a date saying “what was I thinking?” (See all post prior this one.) After all, I have time to peruse a prospective date’s profile as much as I want, view pictures over again. Review his list of likes and interests. Not withstanding the ones who lie or post outdated […]

It’s almost shocking

My date walks into the bar. Had a little bit of a limp. Sits down and I notice a slight tremor. So slight that I wonder if I’ve just had too much to drink. We talk. He’s definitely shaking. We talk about his work selling alarm systems. I ask how he got into that. He […]

The death of a date

In the hour it took to munch through a Sampler Platter at Applebees, he told me about his father’s death, his mother’s death, his wife’s parents deaths, the deaths of both sets of grandparents (that would be four people’s deaths), and the death of his dog. In detail. Lots of detail. He asked if I […]

I’m not sure how I feel about ambivalence

It was an experiment to find out if men were actually reading my profile before messaging me on POF. It certainly didn’t seem like it. My profile says I am looking for someone educated, well-spoken, cultured. But 75% of the men who contact me have GEDs and can’t string a sentence together. Here’s my experimental […]

Before and after

I always write after an online date. This time, since I’m sitting in a bar waiting for the flavor of the day to arrive, I thought I’d share my anticipation. It’s Friday night. It was a long day at work–a long week actually. I did get home to sneak in a quick nap before I […]

Plenty of fakes

I should have thought twice when he texted to explain that his picture was 2 years old and in the meantime he had quit smoking and gained 15 pounds. Yeah… I could smell the Ben-Gay as soon as he walked into Starbucks. Those were a couple of very tough years or the guy forgot quite […]

Best text ever…

“Never look at profile¬† …..¬† I don’t even know you first name” This was after 3 days of texting and an hour before we were to meet. Second best text ever… “I forgot I’m in Pittsburgh.” That was an hour after he was supposed to have shown up.

Here today

Here’s a new one. Great looking guy. Educated. Professional. 6’3″. From Akron. Why had I not seen him before? So I messaged him and asked where the picture of him on a mountaintop was taken. His answer: Alberta Canada where he lives. Wait. What? He referred me to his screen name “3daysonly.”¬† Apparently he was […]