No YOU pick

He messages me. We chat. He asks if I’d like to go out. I say yes. And then it happens. He says “what would you like to do?” Oh crap. Here we go.

All I want is a man with a plan. A man who can plan. Even a half baked plan. So I say, “you pick.”

Oh no, he says, “whatever you want is great. You pick”

So I pick.

“Have you ever been to Maize Valley Winery?” I ask. “They have music on Saturday nights.”

He says it sounds “great”and we set a time.

I arrive to find out they are having a special event and there are hundreds of people there. I get a call as I’m pulling into the parking lot.

“Where are you?” He says.

“I’m trying to find a parking space,” I reply.

“Well good luck!” He snorts and hangs up.

We finally make our way inside and find each other. Pleasantries are exchanged, although he seems anything but pleased, commenting that the place is in the middle of nowhere.

Then it gets even better. We get in line for the bar and I ask what kind of wine he likes. He wrinkles his nose and says “Can’t stand the stuff. Can I get a beer?”

No. It’s a WINERY!

So I get my glass of wine. Alone. Then I say “where would you like to sit?”

And yes, he says “you pick.”

Just kill me now.

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