Chivalry needs CPR

Had a great time at zombie paintball last night. Sort of. It was the perfect Halloween night. A little nip in the air, light drizzle. However that made the paths into the staging area wet, muddy and slippery. So I naturally grabbed the arm of my 6’2″ date. He immediately removed it saying “if you […]

Whack a doodle

He took the croutons off his salad and lined them up in a perfectly straight line on the table. And then asked if I was going to eat mine. At one point he broke out in a full on impersonation of Steven Tyler singing. Loudly. It was like being on a date with Robin Williams’and […]

A box of chocolates

You know the saying from Forrest Gump, “you never know what you’re gonna get.” But, there’s a bit of a flaw in that. If you’ve ever bought a sampler box of Whitmann’s chocolates, you know there’s a key on the lid of the box that lets you know which chocolate is in each spot. Now […]

No YOU pick

He messages me. We chat. He asks if I’d like to go out. I say yes. And then it happens. He says “what would you like to do?” Oh crap. Here we go. All I want is a man with a plan. A man who can plan. Even a half baked plan. So I say, […]