Roll Call Part 2

It’s been just over 2 years since my first blog post listing the string of odd men I met in my first 60 days of online dating. Two years later and the stories just keep getting weirder. I’ve now started giving the guys nicknames, since I’ve started to recycle names. I’ve gone out with three Gregs, two Paul’s and two Kevins. So here are the latest and (not) greatest.

Armless Guy – You would think sometime in the three weeks I had been talking to this guy before meeting him that he would have mentioned he was missing an arm. I’m sure the look on my face trying not to look shocked was precious.

Toothless Guy – apparently his photos on POF had not been updated for awhile. He explained that he knocked his teeth out accidentally and had gotten an upper plate made. But he lost it. Four years ago.

Carless Guy – Note to self… Ask why a guy wants to always meet near where he lives. I truly thought he was kidding when he pointed to the rusty bike with the basket on the front, until he got on it and began pedaling home.

In Touch With His Feminine Side Guy – Imagine my surprise when he came to the door wearing a Pepto-Bismol pink and white checked gingham shirt. It made perfect sense once I saw his living room filled with burgundy velvet accents and fringed lampshades.

Loud Guy – I’m not sure which was worse…his extremely loud voice or the fact that every other word was f#?”. Or that we were at a flea market surrounded by offended Amish people.

Need a Ride Guy – Somewhere between lunch on Saturday and dinner on Tuesday, he managed to lose his license. And thought it was appropriate to ask me to pick him up for our date. And for a ride to work the next day.

Rich Guy – I’m always happy for people who enjoy nice things and can afford to buy them. But every time I looked at something in this guy’s house, he immediately told me how much he paid for it.

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