No Parlez Anglaise

These are actual introductions I received on 1) Really? grace and peace to you Kathleen, grace and peace. i certainly like to take a moment to speak blessings and peace into your life. i hope you are free from anger, fears, worries and anxieties. Upon awakening i hope that you have inspirational and intuitive […]

20 Dirty Questions

Conversation on email ME: I winked at you. You winked back. Maybe we should chat? We could start the conversation with “so why are YOU home alone on a Saturday night?” HIM: I could ask the same question. Why is an attractive lady like you home tonight ? I’d love to chat. My brother […]

Excuses, excuses

Just when I thought I had heard it all when is comes to not hearing from a man after a date, my best friend trumps me… Text: Sorry, I wasn’t ignoring your texts, I was in jail. Perhaps the bar is set a little too low.