Rejection and Other Drugs

Today I got called on the carpet for supposedly contradicting myself in my profile:

“The beginning of your profile says positive attitude, the end says  ‘Im not into being penpals. I’d rather meet in person and get the rejection over with.’ Are you positive you’re going to reject them?”

I did write back to explain that it wasn’t I who would necessarily be doing the rejecting. Maybe that wasn’t the best impression to leave, but look at the facts.

Exhibit 1: I sent a nice introductory note to a man who seemed just my type. I asked him if he would like to chat sometime. This is what I got in return:

“We can chat 🙂 I think you’re way to old, but friends is fine.”

Whoa –” way too old?” Yipes. Not a great way to start a relationship or a friendship. I wrote back with those words, and I received in turn:

“Well you are. You seem like a straight shooter and candy coating the obvious would only insult us both :)”

I’m so glad he added that smiley emoticon at the end.

Exhibit 2: Technically this probably is not a rejection. But it is way more work than I want to exert to coerce a guy into talking to me. Here is a text transcript from a man I met for a coffee date a couple of weeks ago. I had texted him just to see how he was doing and see if he wanted to get together again. This is what I got back:

“I have half a dozen women interested in me. 75% contacted me first. What do u have to offer and why should I be interested?”

The answer is easy. You shouldn’t. May the other half dozen have at it.

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