If I date it…

A verbatim transcript of my chat.  Sometimes this book just writes itself.

If I date it, it will turn into an asshole.

Me: So tell me about your son.

Him: He has severe autism. He’s non-verbal

Me:  That must be challenging. How old is he?

Him: 9

Me: Does he live with you or your ex-wife?

Him: Both. I’m not out of the house yet. So I have a lot to lose if I do something stupid.

Me: Ummmm.  That changes things.

Him: What do you mean?

Me: You’re not separated.

Him: I’m working on it.

Me: We can stay in contact, But I’m not comfortable going out until you are separated or at least moved out.

Him: That sucks. What’s your problem? Most women are ok with my arrangement

Me: <Silence>

Him:  So are we not on for Thursday.

Me: Sorry.

Him: This is bullshit.

Me: She is ok with you dating?

Him: She’s doesn’t know I am.

Me: Again, I would be glad to try this when you are separated, have moved out, etc.

Him: You’re a bitch

Me: You lied. You’re not separated.

Him: What is the definition of separated? Do you have to be out of the house?

Me: Do you have legal separation papers filed?

Him: No. I haven’t told her yet. Hey I am not putting the kabashes on this thing with you. Why won’t you listen or work with me?

Me: AGAIN, as soon as you are legally separated and/or moved out and/or have told your wife that your marriage is over, I would love to see you.

Him: Ok…so Thursday is out?


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