Dating Safety

The safety drill for online dating goes as follows:
1. Arrive at meeting place at least 10 minutes early.

2. Park where you can see entrance door and stay in car Pretend to talk on cell phone while waiting for Mr. Man to arrive (in case he spots you)

3. Watch Mr. Man walk into restaurant/bar/coffee shop/etc If Mr.Man is really sketchy looking, or more than 3 inches shorter than you, leave and text him an apology that something came up. If he looks passable, proceed.

4. If you don’t have a clear view of his car, repark, note license plate number

5. Text plate number to friend and let her know to start the clock. Friend calls you in 20 minutes. Sooner if background check turns up anything sketchy.

6. Friend asks “how are you?” If Mr. Man seems ok and you are having a reasonably good
time, you answer “Good” and she knows you are ok. If you feel you are in danger, or Mr. Man is a complete dork, jerk, or perv, you say “Fine” to alert friend to take further action to rescue you, such as informing you of an emergency at home, or sending police.

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