How do I tell if my date has Aspergers?

Mike: let’s go to the drive in movie
Me: ok nice
Mike : what time to du recomend meeting at
Me: we should get to the theater by 9 to get a spot
Mike: ok so meet at borders at 8:30. can u drive the jeep?
Me: ok. I’ll pack snacks. I was just going to say – I’ll see if I can borrow the Jeep
Mike : ok cooel
Mike : the movie will be soo much better if we can be in the jeep
Me: so being alone in my jeep is ok? but being alone in your apartment makes you nervous?
Mike: I’d feel more comfortable at the movies I think
Me : that’s fine.
Mike: can u get the jeep for a little while u think?
Me: Yes
Mike: ok…
Mike : it sounds like a lot of fun if we can take the jeep
Me: We’re all set with the jeep
Mike: it’s just lame to take a car to the drive in
Me: what do you like for movie snacks?
Mike: hmm wine, beer, any type of alcahol really
Me: do you prefer beer or wine?
Me: red, white?
Mike : white
Me: pinot noir?
Mike: yeah
Me: what kind of snacks?
Mike: eh doesn’t matter, something that won’t make us too thirsy, m&m’s are good, chips & salsa or veggies & dip or something else
Me: so I’ll bring jeep, food and beverage if you buy tix
Mike I’ll pay that’s cool
Mike : what time do u want to meet
Me: I thought we said 8:30 at Borders
Mike: ok that sounds good hun. You’re bringing the Jeep?

At the movie:
Mike: So you like your Jeep?

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