The Fairytale

Maureen sat in her car dumbfounded. Did she really just get fired? And how could it have happened that way? She was puzzled that agency president Dave had given her an employee evaluation form that morning and she was to meet with her new boss Jean later that day. Weren’t evaluations usually scheduled a few […]

Socially distant

Well, this pandemic sure puts a monkey wrench in things. I may actually be thankful for the break from dating, but what am I going to use for blog fodder? Ok, stop laughing. Yes, there are a lot of stories I said I wouldn’t write. But I’m not sure I want to go there. Since […]

The key to my …

This is the story I said I would never write. I don’t put anyone with whom I’ve had a relationship that lasts longer than a couple of dates in my blog. I’m making an exception. Take it as a warning. It started with boots. “You look nice. Those are nice boots.” Well, yes, as a […]

A new kind of research

I have a protocol for checking out potential online dates. Sometimes before the first date. Definitely before a second date. At the bare minimum I check civil court records for divorce and spousal abuse incidents (you don’t want to know how many of the latter I’ve discovered.) I check criminal records. I see if Google […]

You so pretty

These are the most common opening lines I get on every online dating site.  “Hi Gorgeous,” or  “Beautiful smile.” No, I’m not gorgeous. I may have a beautiful smile and I have the dental receipts to prove it, not to mention the yearbook pics that garnered me the nickname “metal mouth” that I hope no one ever finds when I’m famous. But I digress…

A Valentine hack

No, I’m not going to share any tips for how to get your S.O. to declare love and undying affection. I mean I got hacked. My POF account. On Valentine’s Day. A man I had just given my number to alerted me that my pictures had been changed to a much younger woman with more […]

That’s not a home run

I got rejected with a baseball analogy. I have been thinking though 🤔… a precarious pastime I know. While I enjoyed our night out together and believe we could definitely have fun together, I don’t feel the base grounding for an on-going relationship is really there for me. Sorry 😐. You seem like a wonderful […]

Giving up the ghost

Giving up the Ghost It used to be called being rude. Now it’s called ghosting. You talk or text with someone online. Once or twice. You don’t hear from them again. Ok. You go out more than once and he suddenly disappears. Not ok. You have a year + relationship and he stops returning your […]


I got a dog. It started as a joke. “I don’t need no man, I’m getting myself a dog.” That was in 2017. I did nothing and continued to have dates from hell. Then I met a nice guy. Ha! And then, I saw my neighbor’s puppies and just HAD TO have the golden one. […]